ASHHNA Endorsement Policy


ASHHNA is a national, not-for-profit organisation that serves as the peak professional body for nurses working in the area of sexual and reproductive health and HIV. ASHHNA aims to support and promote high quality programs, services and resources which can benefit ASHHNA, its members and other nurses working in this specialty area. This policy has been developed to assist applicants to understand the process and requirements for endorsement.

ASHHNA encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, and external organisations often solicit formal endorsements of documents from ASHHNA. In some instances ASHHNA will have been involved in the development of the documents, but have not been responsible for the final product. In other instances ASHHNA will not have contributed to the development of these documents.

In considering endorsement, ASHHNA critically reviews the:

  • Relevance and contributions to the goals of ASHHNA
  • Scope, content and rigour of development
  • Involvement of ASHHNA members in development of the material
  • Policy for dissemination
  • Potential for the material to remain relevant and up-to-date

Organisations wishing to secure ASHHNA endorsement and consequent use of the logo, will need to provide ASHHNA with appropriate supporting information with sufficient time to permit review against our criteria as detailed below.

What are the benefits of ASHHNA Endorsement?

  • Resources and programs endorsed by ASHHNA have been approved and are supported by Australasia’s premier professional group for sexual, HIV and reproductive health nurses
  • Promotion of the program, service or resource through ASHHNA’s website

Process and Criteria for Endorsement

Process of Endorsement

Requests for endorsement of a program, services, or resources must be presented initially to the ASHHNA president, with subsequent distribution to the ASHNNA Executive for consideration

Requests must be submitted to the president using the ‘Endorsement Application’ form no less than 6 weeks prior to the required date

Final approval for endorsement must be provided by a quorum of the ASHHNA Executive

Endorsement Criteria

Requests for endorsement require consideration of the following:

Target Audience

  • Who is the primary audience of the material?
  • How does the material relate to the aims of ASHHNA?
  • Is the material of national/regional relevance?
  • How does the material enhance an ASHHNA member’s activity or practice?

Content and Quality

  • Is the material current and evidence based?
  • Does the material align with our aims?
  • Is the material balanced and comprehensive?
  • What systems are in place to update the material when required?
  • What other partners have been involved in the program or resources?

Endorsement Expectations

The ASHHNA logo will appear on all documentation under the words: “Endorsed by”

Agreement of Terms for ASHHNA Endorsement

ASHHNA endorses the use of its name and logo in the context, delivery and/or advertising of external programs, services and resources for [NAME OF EXTERNAL ORGANISATION and PROGRAM].

[NAME OF EXTERNAL ORGANISATION and PROGRAM] agrees to meet the following criteria for endorsement:

  • The ASHHNA logo will appear on all documentation under the words “Endorsed by”

ASHHNA agrees to provide the following services to [NAME OF EXTERNAL ORGANISATION and PROGRAM] through endorsement:

  • Promotion of the service, program or resource through the ASHHNA website

Endorsement Application