ASHHNA Carol Martin Scholarship

The scholarship is named in honour of our friend, colleague and former ASHHNA Vice-President, Carol Martin who passed away in February 2011. Carol was a passionate and skilled clinical nurse and educator who was involved in the education and training of many HIV and sexual and reproductive health nurses and doctors. Carol’s legacy will continue through the inspiration and influence she had on all those who worked with her and knew her.

ASHHNA acknowledges and thanks ViiV Healthcare for their generosity in funding the scholarship.

ASHHNA Clinical Placement Scholarship

value of up to $1000 to undertake a clinical placement as per guidelines within the application.

ASHHNA Professional Development Scholarship

This scholarship provides $1500 in funding for courses, conference attendance, or other professional development activities. OR $1000 to undertake tertiary studies related the specialty field of nursing practiceThis scholarship is funded by ASHHNA as per guidelines within the application.

Australasian HIV/ AIDS Conference Scholarship

This scholarship funds nurses to attend the Australasian HIV/ AIDS Conference, up to the value of $1500 as per guidelines within the application.

ASHHNA acknowledges and thanks Gilead for their generosity in funding the scholarship.

ASHHNA will also be providing another separate scholarship up to the value of $1500 for a nurse or midwife to attend a conference as per scholarship guidelines.

When can I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships open in March 25th 2022, and close 22nd April 2022.

Past successful scholarship applicants

See the ASHHNA newsletters for scholarship reports


Carol Martin Scholarships

Anne Baynes

Clinical Placement – North Richmond Community Health Medically Supervised Injecting Room

Cara Taheny

Tertiary Study – Master of Nurse Practitioner – Flinders University

Rebecca Houghton

Tertiary Study – Master of Health Service Management – University of Technology Sydney

Brad Whitton

Tertiary Study – Master of Advanced Clinical Nursing – Nurse Practitioner, Monash University


The ASHHNA Australasian HIV and AIDS Conference Scholarship 

Rachel Jewell

Sheranne Dobinson



Carol Martin Scholarship

Adam Spinks
American Academy of HIV Medicine HIV specialist credentialing examination and textbook.

Bernard Longbottom
Short course – Clinical Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Rita Colella
Conference: 12th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference Delegate in 2021.

Patrice Halliday
Immunisation Program course.

The ASHHNA Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference Scholarship 

Carol Pavitt
Alison Jenkin
Elizabeth Scally
ASHHNA Conference Scholarship

Donna Tilley
Conference: Australian College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference 2021

Donna Keeley
Conference: Australian College of Nurse Practitioners National Conference 2021.


Carol Martin Scholarship 

Louise Holland
Conference: Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.

Rachael Dunn
Conference: Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.

Sheranne Dobinson
Conference: Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.

Lisa Harrison
Conference: Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.

Sandra Gregson
Conference: Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.


Carol Martin Scholarship 

Kate Fisher
Conference: IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Conference in Auckland, New Zealand

Melissa Power
Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Frances Turner 
Course: HIV Nursing Practice Workshop at Albion St Centre

Research Scholarship

Ruthy McIver
Research: Missed Opportunities for PrEP: A Retrospective Clinical Review


Brett Hadlow
Course: Further education

Alison Kincaid
Course: Conference attendance


Michael O’Reilly
Course: Conference attendance

Lisa Moser
Course: Workshop attendance

Angela Davidson
Course: Conference attendance


Belinda Hengel
Course: Conference attendance

Nassim Nankumbi
Course: Further education

Laura Cunningham
Course: Further education


Donna Tilley, Clinical Nurse Consultant Sexual and Women’s Health, Community Health, Sydney Local Health District, NSW
Course: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Bridging course

Denise Cummins, Clinical Nurse Consultant HIV-Disease, Community Health, Sydney Local Health District, NSW
Research: contributing to PhD in HIV associated cognitive impairment (HAND)

Cath Hakason, Educator, Sexwise Parenting
Course: Certificate IV Relationship education – group facilitation skills


David Lee, Nurse Practitioner, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Melbourne, Victoria
Conference: Invited speaker at Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Darwin

Kathryn Lynch, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern, NSW
Conference: Attendance at Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Darwin

Amanda (Jill) Townsend, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney, NSW
Course: Sexual Health Principles and Practice subject as part of Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing


Rita Fahy, Clinical Services Mentor, Susu Mamas, Goroka PNG
Course: Reproductive Health in Developing Countries subject as part of Masters in Public Health

Melissa Power, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Parramatta Sexual Health Clinic, Western Sydney, NSW
Course: Sexual Health Principles and Practice subject as part of Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing

Donna Keeley, Clinical Nurse Consultant, B2 Clinic, IDD Fremantle Hospital, Fremantle, WA
Conference: Attendance at 13th International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI) World Congress, Melbourne, 2012


Alison Kincaid, Clinical Nurse Consultant Sexual Health, Murumbidgee& Southern Local Health Districts, NSW
Conference: Present Poster at Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Canberra.

Louise Holland, Clinical Nurse Consultant Sexual Health, Bendigo Community Health Services, VIC.
Conference: Attend Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Canberra.

Kym Boyes, Nurse Practitioner Women’s Health, Queensland Health Cape York Conference: Attend Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Canberra.

Katie Barker, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Mt Isa Queensland
Course: Travel costs associated with Masters in Public Health, James Cook University Queensland


Christine Remington, Clinical Nurse, Carins Sexual Health Service Queensland Conference: Attend Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference, Melbourne

Margot Kingston, Clinical Nurse Manager, Family Planning Queensland Conference: Present Paper at New Zealand Family Planning Conference, Wellington Trudi McIntosh, Registered Nurse, Sydney Sexual Health Centre NSW
Course: Family Planning NSW Certificate in Reproductive and Sexual Health (Nursing)


Cathy Watson, PhD student with the Department of General Practice at University of Melbourne; and nurse at Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne VIC
Research: Use of Allumsativum (garlic) in prevention of recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Brad Whitton, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre VIC
Conference: Attend Australasian Sexual Health Conference and network with colleagues to set up a Victorian ASHHNA sub branch.

Cath Hakason, Women’s Health Kalgoorlie WA
Research: Nursing models for female sexual dysfunction.

Career Advice

How do I get into sexual health nursing?

In many states and territories of Australia the entry point into sexual health nursing is a Family Planning Certificate in Reproductive and Sexual Health.

There are also courses and workshops available through the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) that give a good theory background.

Each state and territory is different, and sometimes a sexual health service might be looking for an RN with experience, and other times the service may be willing to train and support RNs with no prior experience.

Check out the Education and Training page on the website to do some short modules in sexual health, look for opportunities to do courses, join ASHHNA and attend ASHHNA sub branch meetings.

Call the Nursing Manager of the service near you and ask what experience or educational background they look for when recruiting.

You can also contact any of the ASHHNA Executive Committee members who would be happy to talk with you about your career plans.


ASHHNA Life Membership Award

ASHHNA awards the distinguished life membership award to individuals who demonstrate dedication and long term commitment in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health and/or HIV nursing. Please click on the Policy and Nomination Form headings below.

Life Member Policy
Life Member Nomination Form

ASHHNA Conference Awards

These awards recognise the outstanding contribution to Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV that nurses make and is aimed at encouraging nurses to develop research and present that research to a wide audience.

ASHHNA Nurses Award for Best Poster Presentation at Australian Sexual Health Conference

Each year at the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance Sexual Health Conference ASHHNA awards a prize to a nurse for the best poster.

ASHHNA Nurses Award for Best Poster Presentation at Australian HIV Conference

Each year at the ASHM HIV Conference ASHHNA awards a prize to a nurse for the best poster.

Life Membership Recipients

ASHHNA Life Member

Joanne Perks – Awarded 2018

ASHHNA awards the distinguished Life Membership Award to individuals who demonstrate dedication and long term commitment in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health and/or HIV Nursing. Jo Perks is the 3rd recipient of this award since ASHHNAs inception. Jo was nomintaed for a lifetime membership and after a vote at the AGM a unanimous vote of yes (100%) was achieved to accept Jo as a lifetime member. Joanne Perks has worked for over 30 years in the areas of sexual, reproductive and women’s health in a variety of positions. Jo commenced work in this speciality area in 1985 when she began her Midwifery training. In 1988 Jo commenced work as a nurse at Family Planning NSW and since has worked broadly in the sexual and reproductive health arena as a:

● Casual Registered Nurse – Sydney Sexual Health Centre
● Nurse Counsellor – Australian Birth Control Services
● Distance Education Tutor (Sexual Health, Women Health, Breast Cancer Nursing) – The NSW College of Nursing
● Conjoint Nursing Lecturer – University of Newcastle
● Casual Midwifery Lecturer – University of Technology Sydney
● Acting Director of Nursing – Family Planning NSW
● Clinical Nurse, Instructing and Examining Nurse, and Healthline Nurse – Family Planning NSW ● Nurse Education Coordinator – Family Planning NSW
● Clinical Nurse Consultant – Leichardt Women’s Health Centre
● Nurse Practitioner – Liverpool and Penrith Women’s Health Centres

Jos’ extensive experience, skills and knowledge enabled her to become the first Nurse Practitioner in the non-government Women’s Health sector in April 2011 and she has continued employment as a Nurse Practitioner since. In addition to clinical and academic experience Jo has had numerous papers published on topics including service provision to marginalised women, women’s sexuality, and diversity in women’s health.

Jo provided conception counselling, support and strong advocacy for lesbian women for many years and has published articles, led workshops, and presented at conferences both nationally and internationally on this topic. Jo has also strongly promoted the nursing role in primary care through numerous conference presentations.

Jo has shown dedication and commitment to the future sexual and reproductive health workforce through education and mentorship to medical and nursing students, and both undergraduate and postgraduate midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners. Jo has represented nursing and midwifery on numerous national committees including the National Prescribing Service and has provided expert advice and review of clinical guidelines including the Australian STI Management Guidelines for Primary Care, the Australian Women’s Health Nurses Association Practice Guidelines and currently holds a position on the Quality and Safety Committee for the Cervical Screening Renewal Program.

Jo has been a member of ASHHNA since its inception in 1991 and has been an active member of the ASHHNA Executive Committee for over twelve years. Jo has held the ASHHNA Executive positions of Newsletter Editor and Social Media and Association Representative Coordinator and has represented ASHHNA for many years on the Coalition of National Nursing and Midwifery Organisations. Jo consistently volunteers her time for ASHHNA and in addition to her regular portfolio position her ASHHNA work includes:

● Membership of working party to review ASHHNA Competency Standards 2010, 2012, 2017
● Establishment and ongoing facilitation of ASHHNA Nurses Twitter account 2015 – present
● Review and update of ASHHNA Carol Martin Scholarship 2017
● Membership of working party to develop ASHHNA Life Membership Policy 2016 Membership of ASHHNA Endorsement Sub-Committee 2012 – present
● Annual ASHHNA Carol Martin Scholarship judging
● Annual ASHHNA Sexual Health and HIV Conference Poster Prize judging
● ASHHNA representative on working group to develop National Primary Health Care document for nurses and midwives 2009.

Robyn Hately –

Conference Presentation Award Recipients

Virtual 2020

2020 Australasian Sexual Health and HIV/ AIDS Conference: MELISSA POWER ‘Barriers to Targeted HIV Testing in a Culturally Diverse Urban Setting in Australia.’

Perth 2019

2019 Australasian Sexual Health Conference: MAUDIE TODKILL  ‘Improving N.Gonorroheae (NG) culture rates at Gold Coast Sexual Health Service.’

2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference: SHARON ROBINSON ‘High Prevelance of Late Stage HIV Diagnosis in a Southern Sydney HIV/ Sexual Health Service: a 5 year retrospective review.’

Sydney and Auckland 2018

2018 IUSTI AP Sexual Health Congress Auckland: Daniel Seeds

Identifying Those at Elevated Risk of Anal Cancer:  Observations from the Front Line

2018 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference: Sara Bell & Judith Dean

Online HIV self-testing (HIVST) service in Queensland: Users Usage and Usability

Canberra 2017

2017 Australasian Sexual Health Conference: ARLIE ROCHFORD  ‘Acceptability and satisfaction of a Parlour outreach screening initiative in Western Sydney’

2017 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference: KAREN BIGGS ‘Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease risk in an HIV-positive cohort on the  Gold Coast, Qld’

Adelaide 2016

Naomi Hoffman

Nine Years On: Increasing Access for MSM to Sexual Health Clinics in an Outer Metropolitan Area – A Clinical Perspective

Authors: Naomi Hoffman, Rachel Moss, Maya Carellas, Anik Ray, Sandhya Goundar, Christopher Carmody, Yoges Paramsothy.

Brisbane 2015

Poster Prize:
Donna Tilley

Outreach chlamydia testing: upskilling a multidisciplinary workforce.

Authors: Tilley DM, Dailey BR, Sharp NC, House D.

Sydney 2014

Presentation Prize:
Karen Biggs (NSW)
Deadly Liver Mob: An incentive-based, peer-referral project increasing sexual health screening in Aboriginal People in Western Sydney

Poster Prize:
Jennifer Walsh and Karen Biggs (NSW)
Why not the GP? Client preferences for obtaining Sexual Health Services in Western Sydney

Darwin 2013

Presentation Prize:

Poster Prize:
Judith Dean (QLD)
Intergenerational Differences in Sexual Health Knowledge among the Queensland Sudanese and South Sudanese Communities

Melbourne 2012

Presentation Prize:
Bronwyn Silver (NT)
Chlamydia trachmonatis, neisseria gonorrhoea and trichomonas vaginalis incidence in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: Findings from the STRIVE Trial.

Poster Prize:
Edwina Jachimowicz (NSW & SA)
STI syndromic management training game – educators resource for sexual health trainers in PNG.

Canberra 2011

Presentation Prize:
Linda Garton (NSW & WA)
‘Yes we can’ – a nurse driven asymptomatic screening program for chlamydia and gonorrhoea in a remote WA Emergency Department.

Poster Prize:
Sandra Downing (QLD)
Do SMS reminders & incentive payments increase chlamydia test of reinfection rates?

Sydney 2010

Poster Prize:
Edwina Jachimowicz (WA)
Chlamydia: Download to Diagnosis.

Brisbane 2009

Presentation Prize:
Cathy Watson (Vic)
Use of Allumsativum (garlic) in prevention of recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis.

Poster Prize:
Simon Doyle-Adams (QLD)
Treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis in North Queensland.

Perth 2008

Fiona Macfarlane (Vic)
Management of Women Diagnosed with Asymptomatic Chlamydia Infection – Are Pelvic Examinations Necessary?

ASHHNA Governance


The Australasian Sexual Health Nurses Association formed in 1991 and in 2009 officially included HIV nursing to become the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV Nurses Association (ASHHNA). ASHNNA Inc. is governed by a 14 member Executive Committee.  ASHHNA is guided by a Constitution endorsed by the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

ASHHNA is a member of the Coalition of Australian National Nursing and Midwifery Organisations (CoNNMO) and is a founding member of the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance (ASHA)

When are the meetings held?

The ASHHNA executive meets monthly by teleconference.
Annual General Meetings are held in line with the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance Conference which usually occurs in October or November each year


Shannon Woodward

Shannon is a Nurse Practitioner at Canberra Sexual Health Centre and has been a member of the ASHHNA Executive Committee since 2010. She has worked in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health for over 19 years and has been a nurse practitioner since 2010.  Shannon has completed a Masters of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner), a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, and various post graduate nursing certificates, including sexual and reproductive health, women’s health nursing, community nursing, and palliative care. Shannon has received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the ANU Medical School, and has been nominated for both Nurse of the Year and Nurse Practitioner of the Year in the ACT Nursing Excellence Awards.  Shannon loves working in this specialty area and with patients from priority population groups and has developed a wonderful network of nursing colleagues during her time in ASHHNA.

Email: [email protected]


Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca is a Nurse Unit Manager at Sydney Sexual Health Centre.  She has a Masters in Nursing Science and post graduate certificates in Sexual and Reproductive health and has worked in sexual health and HIV for over 10 years in both the Australian and UK healthcare setting.  Rebecca won the Excellence in Clinical Leadership award at the NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery award ceremony in 2017.


Emma Knowland (She/Her)

Brisbane Metro North Sexual Health & HIV Service

Emma is a Clinical Nurse working at Metro North Sexual Health & HIV Services. She has served as Secretary on the ASHHNA Executive since 2017 and recently chaired the expert working group for the new ASHHNA Standards of Practice. She holds a Master of Nursing (QUT), Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing (ACN) and holds a SRH certificate (FPNSW) and Sexual Health Program Authorization. She has worked in clinical roles across hospitals, clinics and NGOs as has also held teaching, facilitation and research portfolios. She is currently undertaking her Master of Nurse Practitioner and looks forward to contributing further to these nursing specialities.

Email: [email protected]


Brad Whitton
Integrated Community Hepatitis Clinical Nurse Consultant
St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Brad Whitton is the Integrated Community Hepatitis Clinical Nurse Consultant at
St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne with extensive knowledge and experience in HIV, hepatitis, sexual and reproductive health.

Brad believes in the rights of all Australians to have access to quality sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Brad has successfully developed a nurse-led model of care aimed at increasing the uptake of Hepatitis C treatment of individuals accessing mental health, alcohol and other drug services in Melbourne, Victoria.

The University of Melbourne awarded Brad with Honorary Fellowship in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

Brad holds a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Sydney, a Masters of Public Health with Monash University, and postgraduate certificates in sexual health, immunisation, training and assessment.

Email: [email protected]

Membership and Email List Coordinator

Cat Brown

Canberra Sexual Health Centre

Cat Brown is a Registered Nurse at Canberra Sexual Health Centre specialising sexual health and HIV outpatient services.

Cat believes that information is power and loves seeing, particularly young people, empowered and informed through education.

Cat has spent a significant portion of her career working in the area of sexual assault where she felt privileged to assist victims of crime to regain a sense of control and safety in often very traumatic circumstances.

Cat has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the University of Canberra and postgraduate qualifications in the areas of Leadership and Management, with the ACN; Health Research, the University of Canberra; Forensic Nursing, Monash University; and Sexual & Reproductive Health with FPNSW.

Email: [email protected]


Joanne Perks

Jo Perks is a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife with significant experience within the public health and NGO sector, where she specialises in Women’s Health across the lifespan, working with marginalised populations.

Jo is passionate about the provision of respectful and high quality care for women under her care, where she believes that advocacy plays a significant role.

Jo Perks has been involved with ASHHNA since its inception in 1991 and has been an executive member for 30 years. Jo is also a Council Representative of the Coalition of National Nursing & Midwifery Organisation as an ASHHNA representative in an advisory role.

Jo’s significant contributions to sexual and reproductive health recognised with several awards and nominations. In 2018, Jo received the ASHHNA Life Member Award, a finalist for the HESTA Nurse of the Year award in 2016, and awarded the Liverpool LGA Award for Outstanding Care to the Community in 2014.

Jo is hospital trained as a Nurse and Midwife in Canberra hospitals. She holds an undergraduate degree with CSU; a Master of Nurse Practitioner & Master of Mental Health Nursing (Distinction) with Newcastle University; as well as postgraduate certificates in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and Aboriginal Cultural Awareness.

Email: [email protected]

Assistant Treasurer

Danielle Collins

Alfred Hospital, Melbourne

Dani is a HIV nurse practitioner working for the Victorian HIV Service, within the Alfred Hospitals Infectious Diseases Department. Dani attained nurse practitioner endorsement in 2018. The specialty of HIV combines Dani’s passion for social justice, infectious diseases and human rights. Areas of interest include new HIV diagnosis and navigating the pathway into HIV care, complex HIV and psychosocial care and strengthening the HIV workforce through developing and implementing systems to improve and expand upon HIV care provision.

Scholarship Coordinator

Frances Turner

Sydney Sexual Health Centre

Fran  is a Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) at Sydney Sexual Health Centre who works with clinicians to facilitate their learning and attainment of clinical skills through practical sessions and mentorship. She completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Hull, but decided to change career after volunteering with a local outreach project educating young people about sexual health and falling in love with the specialty.

After working as an AIN in sexual health, Fran returned to university to complete her postgraduate diploma in nursing with King’s College London. Following this she returned to work in sexual health as an RN, moving to Australia in 2016 to work at Sydney Sexual Health Centre.

Fran’s own experiences as a student nurse led to a passion for education, and she became a CNE in 2017. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Education, Learning and Leadership with UTS. She believes that providing the right support and encouragement leads to highly skilled, knowledgeable nurses who can make a real difference to the field of sexual health and HIV.

Fran is a previous recipient of the ASHHNA Carol Martin Professional Development Scholarship and a NSW Health Nursing Postgraduate Scholarship. She describes her best experience to date as working with nurses who are new to sexual health, and facilitating their journey to becoming confident and skilled clinicians.

ASHA Conference Representative and Coordinator

Frances Turner & Rebecca Houghton

See Vice President and Scholarships Coordinator bios.

Newsletter Coordinator

Donna Tilley

Donna Tilley is a Nurse Practitioner in Sexual Health, NSW.

Website Coordinator

Will Hooke

Will is the acting Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) of Sexual Health/HIV in Murrumbidgee and Southern NSW Health districts. In 2022 he will move to Tasmania to become the CNC of Launceston Sexual Health. He has completed his Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health through the University in Sydney and has worked in the Sexual health/HIV area since 2012 across metro Sydney, regional NSW and in Northern QLD.

Will has spent the most of his life growing up and living in regional towns and loves to advocate for those outside of metropolitan areas.

Promotions Coordinator

Melissa Power

Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre

Position Without Portfolio

Rose Evans

Rose is a sexual health nurse at Canberra Sexual Health

Newsletter Assistant

Lauren Coelli and Maggie Smith

Maggie is the CNC of the Albion Centre in Sydney, NSW.

Lauren Coelli is a Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Consultant with NSW Health, working with two rural LHDs in the area of sexual health, HIV and BBVs.

Lauren developed an interest in sexual and reproductive health while working in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. She is particularly passionate about increasing access to sexual health and abortion services in rural Australia through Nurse-led models of care, and championed the nurse-led medical abortion models across rural Victoria.

Lauren was awarded the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance Emerging Leaders Award in 2017 in recognition of her outstanding work in the STI & BBV sector.

Lauren has completed double degree in Nursing and Health Promotion with Deakin University, holds a Post Graduate Certificate Public Health (Sexual Health) with the University of Melbourne, and has completed dual Masters of Public Health and in Health Management through UNSW.

Public Officer

Jo Perks

See bio for Social Media and Association Representative Coordinator

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