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2020 ASHHNA Scholarships now open

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ASHHNA Carol Martin Scholarship Application 2020

ASHHNA Conference Scholarship Application 2020

ASHHNA Research Scholarship Application form 2020

Gilead HIV Conference Scholarship Application 2020

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the ASHHNA Executive Committee, I am pleased to announce that applications for scholarships are now open.

This year, we are able to offer increased funding and new scholarships.

This has come about through generous financial sponsorship by both ViiV Healthcare and Gilead, as well as scholarship funding as a direct result of your ASHHNA membership fees.

This year there are 4 scholarships on offer to members:

  1. The Carol Martin Scholarship, generously funded by ViiV Healthcare, offers scholarships up to the value of $1500 ($5000 in total) for nurses to attend a Conference/Workshop/Short Course.
  2. The ASHHNA Research Scholarship, up to the value of $1000, will be awarded for nurses undertaking research related to the specialty.

As well, two new scholarships on offer this year are:

The ASHHNA Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference Scholarship, sponsored by Gilead, which offers up to $1500 (total $4500), to attend the Australasian HIV & AIDS Conference.

  1. The ASHHNA Conference Scholarship, up to the value of $1500, to attend a conference of your choice.

Of course, in the current COVID climate, this increase in funding coincides with uncertainty in relation to conference and course delivery, travel and accommodation. However, despite this, all nurses are encouraged to continue with continuing professional development, research and conference attendance (whether traditional or virtual) and to apply for funding through our range of scholarships.

For up-to-date details on the status of the 2020 Australasian HIV & AIDS and Sexual Health conferences, please go to

How to tie a tie

Until details for these conferences are finalised, please feel free to begin your conference application, pending announcement of date and cost details from ASHM.

Please note ONE APPLICATION IS ONLY REQUIRED PER MEMBER.  If you are unsuccessful in your application, it may be considered for an alternative scholarship if there is funding remaining, and you are eligible for that scholarship.

Applications open today and will close on 1st July 2020.  All application forms are attached and will also be available shortly on the ASHHNA website.

Please find attached all application forms, detailing all the requirements, or feel free to contact me if any questions.

Kind Regards and good luck to all applicants,

Karen Biggs

[email protected]

COVID – 19

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ASHHNA continues to work with all national departments surrounding COVID-19, and we have provided some supportive links below to assist members throughout this pandemic.

ASHHNA is aware of the essential work being carried out by our members, and would encourage everyone who is considered essential, to follow state/national guidelines that protect themselves, their families and their clients, and please reach out to ASHHNA via our contact section if you have any concerns/comments.Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 













NB: Scholarships are being rolled out for nurses who are re entering Acute care during this pandemic. Elden Ring

Announcing the winners of the Carol Martin Professional Development Scholarship for Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Nurses Sponsored by ViiV Healthcare

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Announcing the winners of the Carol Martin Professional Development Scholarship for Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Nurses Sponsored by ViiV Healthcare
ASHHNA is delighted to congratulate the recipients of our 2019 scholarships.  The scholarship supports nurses to participate in professional development, enhancing the skills and knowledge of the sexual, reproductive and HIV nursing workforce.

This year the Executive Committee were able to distribute funding to a larger number of applicants, due to the generous increased amount of funding provided by ViiV Healthcare, and we are grateful for their continued support of nurses’ professional development.

Judging of the applications was done by a panel of five ASHHNA members across NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, and all applications were de-identified prior to assessment.

The recipients of the 2019 awards were:

Louise Holland, Nurse Practitioner Candidate/Clinical Nurse Consultant, Women’s and Sexual and Reproductive Health, Bendigo Community Health Services.

Louise was awarded $1500 towards attending the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conference in Perth.

Louise hopes that attendance at the conferences will help her learn how other rural and regional health professionals and agencies design, fund and deliver health care, so that she is more informed of how her own service delivery can be improved.  She also plans to present her project “Is it in yet? Increasing access for rural and regional women to etonogestrel implants in a regional community health service”.

Rachael Dunn, Clinical Nurse Specialist Immunology, Perth Children’s Hospital

Rachael was awarded $1100 towards attending the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conferences in Perth.

Rachael works within a multidisciplinary specialist team providing a state-wide service to children and teenagers living with HIV, and infants perinatally exposed to HIV.  She is hoping to learn more about programs and models of care for paediatric HIV and families, and management of HIV in pregnancy and perinatally exposed infants that could be applied to her cohort and improve service delivery.

Sheranne Dobinson, Registered Nurse, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre

Sheranne was awarded $1100 towards attending the Australasian Sexual health and HIV & AIDS Conferences in Perth.

Sheranne hopes this conference will be about applying learning and accumulating experience and building on over 30 years’ experience in HIV, sexual and reproductive health.  She will be seeking new research and ways to implement innovations in nursing.  She has also contributed to a project which has been submitted for presentation “Victorian clinical network to maximise retention in HIV care”.

Lisa Harrison, Nurse Practitioner/ Statewide Nursing Officer – Clinical Governance, Family Planning Queensland – True Relationships and Reproductive Health

Lisa was awarded $1100 towards attending the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conferences in Perth.

Lisa is looking forward to the ability to sit alongside clinicians of a high caliber and absorb their experiences, observe their work and understand their research.  She sees this as an incredible opportunity to grow further in her clinical knowledge and to implement evidence-based learnings into her clinical practice and to disseminate those learnings amongst the clinicians both within her organization and further afield.

Sandra Gregson, Clinical Coordinator Men’s and Women’s Health (Sexual Health), Thursday Island Primary Health

Sandra was awarded $1100 towards attending the Australasian Sexual Health and HIV & AIDS Conferences in Perth.

She hopes the conferences will facilitate an update of her clinical knowledge as well as help her find new ideas to approach all aspects of her work.  In particular, she will be focusing on ideas for working within isolated Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities and to find new resources and networks.  Sandra has also submitted an abstract of a project which she hopes to present at the conference “Torres Model of Sexual Health Service Provision”.

You can look forward to reading the conference reports from all our scholarship recipients in the next ASHHNA Newsletter.