ASHHNA is a national, not-for-profit organisation that serves as the peak professional body for nurses working in the area of sexual and reproductive health and HIV. ASHHNA aims to support and promote high quality programs, services, research and resources. This guide has been developed to assist applicants to understand the process and requirements for promotion of research studies.

In considering research promotion, ASHHNA will review the relevance of the research to the specialty area.

Organisations wishing for ASHHNA to promote their research will need to provide appropriate supporting information with sufficient time to permit review against our criteria as detailed below.

What are the benefits of ASHHNA promoting research?

  • Research will be supported by Australasia’s premier professional group for sexual, HIV and reproductive health nurses

Primarily promotion of the research will occur via the members email list. Other channels of promotion including ASHHNA blogs, website and social media will be considered as requested

Process for Endorsement

  1. Requests for research promotion must be presented initially to the ASHHNA President, with subsequent distribution to the ASHHNA Endorsement Sub-Committee for consideration
  2. Requests must be submitted to the president using the ‘Research Endorsement Application’ form no less than 6 weeks prior to the required date
  3. Final approval for endorsement must be provided by a the ASHHNA Endorsement Sub-Committee
  4. Requests addressing the criteria on the endorsement application from below are to be sent to the ASHHNA email address – [email protected]

Research Endorsement Application

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